About Us

Last updated April 9, 2024

Hey there!

Octoparse VOC is an AI-native tool to help brands & sellers discover reliable consumer insights from online reviews & haul videos — fast and in actionable formats.


At Octoparse VOC, our passion is to help small businesses deeply understand their customer feedback through cutting-edge AI technology. We strive to make advanced consumer insights accessible to everyone, helping companies leverage this data to improve and grow in competitive markets.

OUR STORY since 2016

Octoparse began as a super-simple web scraping tool to help users easily collect data from websites without any coding. We’re proud to say our no-coding web scraping platform has benefited over 3 million users worldwide!

In the past decade, our users have been extracting extensive review data from e-commerce websites, operating 24/7 to amass a vast database. This led us to think about how we could further help them make use of this rich data resource.

Octoparse VOC is the result of this reflection. It is designed to convert review data into useful insights, helping businesses quickly understand changing market trends and what customers want.

We want to put trustworthy insights in more people’s hands. Give us a try.